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Is Thailand Safe?

One of the most common misconceptions about Southeast Asian countries is that of personal safety. Sure, the region has it's crime hot spots but Thailand isn't one of them. This may come as a surprise to many readers who have little or no experience of Thailand.

Compared to European or North American cities, the cities of Thailand have comparatively low violent crime statistics and whatever violence does exist, it is very rarely directed at foreigners. Most of the stories you hear about people being drugged on trains or buses are nothing more than urban legends. There probably have been very rare cases of such drugging but all of the stories you heard were probably just a few instances blown out of proportion to become modern myths about that country.

Of course, this won't stop your family and close friends worrying about you while you are in Thailand and you should still exercise caution with your valuables and personal security. Occasionally, we hear of some terrible crimes against foreigners but having said that, you also hear of such crimes in your homeland... and just as in your home country, staying away from certain rough areas and certain types of people will keep you out of trouble. Generally speaking, Thailand is very safe for foreigners. Common sense goes a long way.

Many foreigners do find themselves in trouble in Thailand. It is the opinion of this website that in nearly all such cases, the foreigner brought it upon themselves. Thailand can lead people to behave in ways they wouldn't dream of back home. Yobbism, loud and drunk behaviour is not tolerated in Thailand and the police will deal with trouble makers harshly... and rightly so. The Thai people greatly value respect for others and good manners.

If you are renting an apartment, it is most likely you will be staying in a condominium with 24 hour security, or a gated community with 24 hour guard. Robbery from the homes of foreigners is rare.

Road Safety

By far, the biggest threat to life and limb in Thailand is road use. The death toll on the country's roads make for some grim statistics. Good medical insurance is vital and you would be mad to stay in Thailand without it. Using a motorcycle is a fun way to see Thailand and a convenient way to get through the city streets... but it is an extremely dangerous mode of transport in Thailand. Many foreigners are seriously injured or killed on the roads every year.

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