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Drinking Tap Water in Taiwan

The drinking water situation in Taiwan is variable at best and it's difficult to pin down a definitive answer, especially regarding tap water. In Taipei for example, a study published in the local press claimed that tap water was safer to drink than bottled water... this leaves us wondering if bottled water is safe to drink?

To be frank, it's probably unwise to drink the tap water anywhere in the country. Taiwan has come a long way in recent decades but the 'Technology Island' fails to stimulate confidence in it's tap water. At the very least, you should be boiling it... but this does not remove particles, heavy metals or other harmful contaminants. The problems often come from ageing pipes, or chemicals used to clean rooftop tanks.

If you're going to be spending time in Taiwan and staying in the same home for a while, it might pay to install a filtration system. They are commonly sold in major stores and clean the water to bottled water standards.

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Bottled Water

You may be surprised to read that bottled water is not always good to drink. Occasionally, it's just tap water bottled. If you buy well known, reputable brands, they'll be fine.

To summarise, Use the clean water dispensers to fill your own bottles (often outside 7-Elevens), bottled water from a big name... and tap water is generally unfit for long term consumption, unless well filtered.

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