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Getting a Singapore Driver's Licence

Owning and/or operating your own vehicle in Singapore is a very expensive proposition. It is therefore fortunate that public transport is so good in this city state and many people prefer to make do without their own vehicle. However, if you are being supplied with a company vehicle or just want a local form of identification, there are many circumstances in which having a Singapore driver's licence can come in handy.

For most expats, this will involve converting their home license to a local one, which is a relatively painless process of passing the Basic Theory Test to bring you up to speed on Singapore's highway code and regulations. The test can be taken at any of the following three locations...

Singapore Driving Test Centre 3, Ang Mio Kio, St 62
Bukit Batok Driving Centre 815, Bukit Batok West Ave 5
Comfort Driving Centre 215, Ubi Ave 4

The conversion can be done in person at the Traffic Police Department with the following documents...

If your home licence was issued less than one year ago, you must display a P-plate, just like new Singapore licence holders.