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This privacy policy tells you how we use personal information collected at this website. By using Xpat.Life, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy. We encourage you to read this to make sure you understand how any peronal information you provide will be used.

Email Addresses

We collect personally identifiable information, like email addresses... but only when voluntarily submitted by our visitors. This information is only used by Xpat.Life to verify the existence of that email address through our automated verification system. This is to prevent spam and fake registrations. You will be added to our mailing list upon registration and you can remove yourself from this list at any time.


Cookie tracking technology is employed on this website and this is very useful for customising the website for each individual visitor. It is also useful for showing you which topics you have or haven't read already. Be assured that our cookies are safe and harmless.

Analytical Data

Distribution of Information

Any information gathered about you will never be used by anyone other than Xpat.Life. However, if we feel you are abusing our systems, attempting to hack our systems, or otherwise violating out terms of service, we may use this information to help others protect themselves from you (when permitted by law). Further, if we feel you are breaking the law, or receive a request from law enforcement agencies, we will share your information with those agencies.

Private Messages

Xpat.Life respects the privacy of it's members. Any private messages you send within our systems remain private and are only read by the recipients of those messages. However, if we believe our private message systems are being used to abuse other members, solicit personally identifiable information, spam, hack our systems, violate our terms of service, or conduct illegal activities, we reserve the right to investigate any of those messages and take appropriate action. This includes informing law enforcement agencies when necessary. We will also read those messages in times of emergency if we believe someone's physical safety is in danger.

Our Promise of Data Security

Any information you provide us is kept secure. Only authorised staff will have access to it and only for the purposes outlined above.

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