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    • A White Guy Speaking Tagalog
      By man-in-manila · Posted
      Hi I am a British guy living in Manila.  I have been learning Tagalog for about 8 months and I would say I am at the intermediate level.  I can say most things in everyday life but I have to agree that the most frustrating thing is that Filipinos almost always reply in English.  The problem with this is that it slows down your learning because one of the hardest things I have found is being able to understand Tagalog when spoken at full speed.  I think the reason for this is two-fold, firstly the Filipinos always tend to reply in English and the courses that are out there there voice actors speak quite slowly compared to normal Filipino.  Although I have to say when I first started to learn it seemed extremely fast.  What I would say is that to start learning Tagalog the progress at first is very slow but you get much much faster as time goes on because your mind really is able to understand the grammar and sentence patterns even if your learning new things. Paul
    • Marring my pinay GF in my country but she in not annul
      By METHOS · Posted
      ​FYI, you don't have to be 'married' to her to get in trouble while in the Philippines.
    • Suggestions for opening factory in Vietnam
      By staroidz · Posted
      Hi Thalia I've interest in opening a café in Vietnam. How do I go abt doing it?
    • Marring my pinay GF in my country but she in not annul
      By Morlar · Posted
      I asked you nicely and you ignored me. I won't approve any more posts unless you make some effort with your spelling and grammar.
    • Marring my pinay GF in my country but she in not annul
      By steph25 · Posted
      ​ok, but i red that someother ppl did that and got divorced in thailand or singapor and the divorce was aprove in other country for that they got married, they just show the divorce papers that was the prove that she was divorced. is what i find out,i have to look for a lower in thailand and ask question though. thanks