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    • Advice on dating a Vietnamese woman
      By littlegirl · Posted
      ​I think you are too sensitive about this.  If people think about Vietnamese woman at that bad, they would not even give them a try.  The thing is they are just trying to avoid those bad girls that you mentioned above.
    • 3BB FTTx - Fiber-Optic Internet
      By Morlar · Posted
      Further to my above post, I actually did some serious testing on 3bb's different service levels and there is indeed absolutely no difference that I can detect between the different packages. If you pay more for their higher tier packages, you basically get nothing for it as far as I can tell. See this topic: 3bb Premier ADSL vs Standard ADSL​
    • Advice on dating a Vietnamese woman
      By luannt · Posted
      Hi!  First, im sorry everybody because myEnglish not good. But i want talk some works.  Im a Vietnam girl. Yes, we like money, but it is not all. We worked, we have money. you cant use your money buy us heart. We living,we working and we love. Dont think money is all for us.  We onlly sex if us love. if anyone Vietnam girl come in bed with you by money, that is bad girl, and it is a few, not all.  Thanks!
    • Divorce Settlement in Thailand
      By TizMe · Posted
      I only know about Australia, but yes, my ex was going to try to divorce me in Australia, even though neither of us were living there and she had never lived there. According to Aus law, she could do that. During any court sessions I would have had to declare what assets I had. Of course I could have lied, but if I got caught out then I'm sure the consequences wouldn't be good.
    • Divorce Settlement in Thailand
      By britmaveric · Posted
      Hire a lawyer in your home country would be the obvious answer.