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    • Blood Tests for Marrying in Laos
      By johninlaos · Posted
      Let me thank you again for sharing your advice previously on other issues I am experiencing in the marriage process for Laos. But I now have one which seems more urgent. My girlfriend and myself have already completed our required health check for satisfying the document checklist to apply for a marriage licence. Had our x-rays, vitals checked, HIV check and blood tests for whatever they check BUT now the hospital has called and insisted we both return and have a further blood test. They said, to my girlfriend, that it is to check 'our blood is ok for us to have children together'. Now forgive my lack of medical qualification but people with human blood can make children together. No amount of testing can pre-determine whether a child will be perfectly healthy. So my questions to all those who have married in Laos and completed the documents as required... Did you all do this second blood test and what is it actually testing for? Can you refuse to take the test and still have the licence to marry issued? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated as this appears urgent due to the hospital contacting and asking us to go back immediately for the test.. TIA JohninLaos
    • Advice on Police Criminal Check Documents for Marriage in laos
      By johninlaos · Posted
      Thanks for your help on this matter guys, I have spoken with the Police in UK and they are processing a document for me at no charge. They will mail to the UK address of a family member and the family member will Courier it to me Internationally.
    • Frustrated College Student Wants to Travel!
      By Morlar · Posted
      ​I just saw this while checking some forum upgrade issues. This is not really true. Yes, where the law requires it (for example, English teachers) you must produce a verifiable degree, but it is not a de facto requirement for just anyone wishing to work in Thailand. I've been meaning to write up an article on this to complement other pages on this site, such as the Tabien Baan page, and cam's guide to PR, because I've learned a lot about this particular issue in the last year or so. There is a lot of duff information on the internet about work permits, citizenship etc, much of it is just copy/paste, where even the original authors didn't really understand what they were writing about. One thing is for sure, having immediate Thai family makes life much easier and the labour department have a lot of discretionary powers where Thai family is involved. Contrary to popular myth on the internet, there aren't even any minimum income requirements for foreigners (the minimum income requirement is for extension of stay on current visa, not work permit, so if you rely on the cash on deposit for that, there is effectively no minimum income requirement). Regarding people with PR, I'm think (but I'm not sure) that if you hold PR status, you are not even restricted by the list of restricted occupations for foreigners (but I've yet to verify this).
    • Looking for a foreign woman to make friend
      By Duong08 · Posted
      Its no problem to make friends. Both can exchange languages,  help new foreigners, hang out to know about Saigon or Vietnam and enjoy some entertainment activities. 
    • Asian street food
      By Duong08 · Posted
      There are many food street in Saigon.    You can enjoy seafood and beer in Nguyen tri phuong. Happy to take you to there or some small food shop for ...