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    • Alternative Housing in Thailand
      By Stocky · Posted
      But Uncle Dick's pidgen loft in Blighty didn't have termites to contend with.
    • Alternative Housing in Thailand
      By skydiver777 · Posted
      Yes I agree with your comments. Some attractive stuff on their site. And if properly taken care of can last for yonks. I recall as a nipper, helping my Uncle Dick to build his pidgen loft. As far as I know, it's still there today. When I  first became a resident here, we bought intracate design wooden furniture; settee type, 2 chairs 2 tables, made of mahogany. Still like new today.
    • Alternative Housing in Thailand
      By Morlar · Posted
      Interesting link, thanks. I've got my fantasies about building a retirement home up in the mountains. The problem with wood is the maintenance that comes with it of course, but it's sure preferable to concrete and rebar.
    • Social issues in UK
      By Morlar · Posted
      Well with so many in the UK relying on food banks, I guess things can indeed only get better for 'them'.
    • Personal Banking and Income Tax in Hong Kong for Non-Residents
      By Sandy Shore · Posted
      My information...interest/dividend income and capital gains are not taxable in Hong Kong.