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    • Need Advice - Dating Vietnamese Woman in US
      By Judytan · Posted
      Working 7days/week mostly, has a young kid to take care of, I understand why she doesn't text you so often, because she is busy. Why don't you give a call instead of texting
    • Marring my pinay GF in my country but she in not annul
      By METHOS · Posted
      I just want to add...do NOT count on the husband not finding out; knowing Philippine culture, he WILL find out.
    • Need Advice - Dating Vietnamese Woman in US
      By newworld · Posted
      I have been reading this forum for a few months and it's been helpful hearing others experiences. To the point.....met a Vietnamese woman (32) who has lived here for 8 years. Married in Vietnam and came to the US a few years later. Had a child 6 years ago and recently divorced last December (just found that out through record searches today). Works in nail salon ALOT!! Me...42 professional, 4 kids from previous marriage (15-8 y/o). Debt free except home. Met in October 2014 through a friend, just said hi and that was it. She went on vacation over Christmas and through February back to VN. Mutual friend (kinda - does her nails with her) asked us both to go out one night and we met back up. It's been 2 months and we have gone out to dinner, i cooked one night, have been out with friends. The last time we went out she wanted to go with our mutual friend and her boyfriend or it seemed she would not go. We all went and had a good time. Tonight she was going to go to dinner with alot of us but last night said she was afraid to go with all those people. I think its a language thing. Okay...it takes her FOREVER to text and I will not text again until she does. Somedays she is texting alot and then it may go for a day or two with nothing. I have started to not text her for 3-4 days before I text her something...usually only to ask her out. She works 7 days a week except everyother Sunday off and she is usually with her child. Is this normal, any suggesstions? Also, I continue to do my thing while I have patience with her. I go out with other people, attend social events, etc. etc. I have a very good social life and many friends for only being in the area for a year. I have started learning Vietnamese and told her I plan on going to VN next year...I plan on going with or without her. I have never dated an Asian before. I don't have yellow fever per say...I find her very fun and something special about her. I have tried to not be so needy and I get more response from her after I don't do anything for days with her. Recently she has even texted me first....OMG what a surprise!!! Girls I was seen before are asking why I'm not contacting them so much anymore....truth...I dont want to ruin my chance with this girl. How do I get more response out of her? Any suggestions?  
    • Marring my pinay GF in my country but she in not annul
      By Stocky · Posted
      Errrr there seems to be a reality disconnect here. If she is still legally married in the Philippines you cannot legally marry her. Any marriage ceremony you go through would have no legal validity, and as she needs to sign a document stating her freedom to marry to do so knowing this was false is a criminal offence, ditto your complicity. The only way for her to legally divorce and be free to marry is to seek a divorce in the Philippines. She cannot get a divorce in Thailand.
    • Marring my pinay GF in my country but she in not annul
      By britmaveric · Posted
      She is Filipino so how will getting a divorce in Thailand help you?  You need to get an annulment or divorce in Philippines.