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    • In love with a Vietnamese girl
      By Stocky · Posted
      We're talking about a Vietnamese girl who 'picked you up' in a bar in Singapore? Start thinking with the big head not the little one!
    • In love with a Vietnamese girl
      By stumpy · Posted
      Run rabbit run.....
    • Relationship advice regarding a girl from Vietnam
      By DaveMesa · Posted
      Yeah, Matlad. Netzipper is right. Dial it back when you're talking to her. Don't go all Romeo on her, right out of the gate. She's already shown you that she likes you. She WILL say yes if you ask her out. Just be respectful and gentlemanly, and don't fawn all over her. And on the gift side, I agree, not yet. But Asian girls really like things they can keep, more than flowers/candy. They're sentimental and will treasure a silly little stuffed animal because you gave it to them, if they like you.
    • UK Election 2015
      By Morlar · Posted
      I just finished watching Panorama's four part series 'What Britain Wants' in a marathon non stop viewing. It's available on the iPlayer for the rest of the year. Each episode was interesting in it's own way and did a good job of portraying the hardships evident in modern Britain. . . Mariella Frostrup revisiting her first flat to find the current occupiers paid 10 times what she paid for it 25 year ago sure highlights the difficulties faced by young families. This election must have even the bookies clutching at straws. I don't want to see the UK go to the relative extremes envisioned by Farage but the problem with UKIP is that their assessment of the EU's affect on British society is essentially correct.
    • Shipping a motorcycle to Vietnam
      By Larry1982 · Posted
      I don't think you'll be able to bring it in if it exceeds the engine displacement regulations. Even if you could import it, the taxes could be through the roof, as eddievietnam mentioned. These regulations do change sometimes, so it might be worth it to contact a shipper and see what the current laws are. I've used {snip} before and they were really knowledgable about the laws, ports and taxes of shipping to Vietnam. You might call and ask them for up to date info, I'm sure they'd be happy to help.