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    • Best Place to Live in the Philippines
      By TizMe · Posted
      Yeah, the traffic is horrendous. I work in Makati. Quite a few of my workmates spend up to 4 hours a day sitting in their car just commuting, and they don't really live that far away. I solved that problem by renting a condo directly across the road from my office. ( And directly above the bar that we frequently visit after office hours )  
    • I like Thailand because.................................
      By britmaveric · Posted
      I find if you can't speak to strangers in South East Asia then well you really are shy/introverted to the extreme.You certainly do not need a a 2yr old. You probably could have a limb sticking out of your head and still have success.
    • Asian street food
      By BlahBlahBlah · Posted
      I had some amazing Nem Loi and Banh Xeo yesterday. 
    • I like Thailand because.................................
      By Morlar · Posted
      In spite of the debilitating heat this week, I decided to go for a long walk with my son today. One of the things I really like is how easy it is here to strike up conversations with complete strangers. Obviously having a cute two year old with me makes that even easier.
    • Only muslims are allowed to say the word "Allah" according to the Malaysian court
      By ironloyalty · Posted
      Church asked to take down its cross because worried that young Muslim may get influenced and convert to Christian.   I suggest that that all religion other than Islam being banned in this country. Once and for all solve the problem.