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The ratings war, which is your favourite Philippines TV channel?

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As tried and seasoned expat veterans (or newcomers) in the land of balut, songs and smiles, which is your favourite Phils TV channel di ba ?

ABS-CBN or GMA ? Who do you back in the exciting ratings war ?

Here in Oman, my wife is definitely ABS-CBN. Mind you, that's the channel used by TFC (the Filipino Channel - Phils overseas tv). But she prefers it anyway over GMA.

Indeed why not, I just love trying to sleep at 2 in the morning while some loud variety show pumps out badly sung amateur karaoke for a prize of shampoo bottles.

I should add that my wife likes to sleep with background noise, something to do with being brought up in Pasay, MM I guess. Me ? I'm a townie from Scotland who is more used to tranquil sounds at night, like my own snoring for instance !

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