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Question for anyone who has applied for Philippines AEP permit and 9G visa themselves?

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Hi All

I am from Australia and have been emailing back and forth with a company in quezon city about a job opportunity in my field.
Im hitting stone walls asking in-depth questions on the AEP and 9G visa process with the local consulate so have reached out to the forums for some firsthand experience & advice.

The challenge is the company that is offering the opportunity is relatively small and thus do not have the time or resources to arrange submission of the Alien Employment Permit AEP forms and then subsequently the 9G PRE-ARRANGED EMPLOYMENT VISA.

So basically the job is 95% mine if I can do the leg work and secure the above.
I know I need the company to get involved but can anyone who has been through the process themselves help with my questions below please?

Has anyone successfully applied and received AEP while not actually being in the Philippines?
How did you do this? (im still waiting for answer from local consulate)

Some websites suggest you can apply for your AEP through local consulate/embassy, instead of the most common statement being the DOLE office in ph.
I understand the but the 9G visa can really only be applied for when actually in the country

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i have not personally been employed here. But, I know several who have and the employer did 100% of EVERYTHING.

You must remember that optimistic talk is just being polite in the PI.

Generally speaking, only locals can pay lubrication in the PI. It will take for sure additional, non receipted payments, in order for you application to be "processed".

You will need to show up for an interview in your own place. But is scheduled by the embassy after the papers are processed.

Just take a week off from your job and go there... work things out.

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