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New Makati Discotheque in Wan Chai

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The New Makati Disco is located on Lockhart Road, above The Old China Hand pub and is a very short walk from the Wan Chai MTR station. It's a good bet if you're looking for somewhere that gets busy earlier than other places. As the name would suggest, it has a lot of Filipino girls (Makati is a downtown area of Manila in the Philippines).

The atmosphere is very friendly and feels somehow safe. Early on, the vast majority of people are Filipino maids, particularly at weekends, when they have a little time off to go out and have fun and they tend to go home before 10 and they then get replaced with a few working girls (ones who don't have to be up in the morning for a legitimate job). During my first ever visit to Hong Kong years ago, this was the first bar I stumbled into and I'm glad I did as it's a great fun place.

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